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Transliterate (Deprecated) The Google Transliterate API has been officially deprecated as of May 26, 2011. It will continue to work as per our deprecation policy. Home Products Transliterate (Deprecated) Guides Google Transliterate API Developer's Guide This developer's guide demonstrates how to use the Google Transliterate API. With this JavaScript API, you can detect the language of a given text block and transliterate it into a different script. Introduction This developer's guide provides a basic model for using the Google Transliterate API, along with granular explanations of the API's configurable JavaScript components. You can use this guide to transliterate text on your page. Scope This document describes how to use the functions and properties specific to the Transliterate API. Browser compatibility The Transliterate API supports Firefox 1.5+, IE6+, Safari, and Chrome. The Transliterate API can be loaded without errors in almost every browser, so you can safely load it before checking for compatibility. Different applications sometimes require different behaviors for users with incompatible browsers. The Transliterate API provides a global method google.elements.transliteration.isBrowserCompatible() to check compatibility, but it does not have any automatic behavior when it detects an incompatible browser. For usability purposes, you should detect incompatible browsers and, if detected, display an error message. Audience This documentation is intended for developers who wish to add Google Transliterate functionality to their pages or applications. HTML Content Type The Transliterate API handles a lot of UTF-8 text and you therefore need to set the content-type of your page to UTF-8 by adding this meta tag . Without this meta tag, the Transliterate API will not work properly. The "Hello World" of Google Transliterate Type in Hindi (Press Ctrl+g to toggle between English and Hindi)

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